Why is carbon 14 useful in radioactive dating

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The same holds true for speed: 60 mph is 60 mph no matter what direction you’re moving in.

Take everything that could have anything to do with the question (any speeds, densities, sizes, etc.) and put them together so that the units line up correctly.Thus, the conclusions of this study are best treated as very tentative until they are confirmed by others. A complete derivation/proof includes a fair chunk of math (in the second half of this post), a decent understanding of relativity, and (most important) experimental verification.It may even be possible to mix together a bunch of other universal constants until you get velocity squared, or there may just be a new, previously unknown physical constant involved.This trick is just something used to get a thumbnail sketch of what “looks” like a correct answer, and in this particular case it’s exactly right.

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And the true “conserved distance” was revealed to be: .

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