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She attended the Brondesbury and Kilburn High School in Salusbury Road, London.

Twiggy's adolescent physique was the perfect frame for the androgynous styles that began to emerge in the 1960s.This is where she began to see the models in the magazines, but never thought she could do something like that.Jean Shrimpton was her idol so she grew her hair long to look like her, before having to have it cut off for her headshots by Barry Lategan.I always ate sensibly – being thin was in my genes." She broke off with Justin de Villeneuve, who had been overseeing her business affairs since 1966, and released him from his duties as her manager, claiming in later years that "her career had more to do with that famous picture of her with those funny painted eyelashes, which appeared in the Daily Express under the headline 'The Face of '66' " than with his promotional efforts.She has stated several times that she is only really remembered for her modelling career although it was "only a short part of my life".

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Lesley Lawson (née Hornby; born 19 September 1949) is an English model, actress, and singer widely known by the nickname Twiggy.

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