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We basically look for kids with the craziest imaginations who love to talk.I try to get a couple overly talkative kids in each group and two others that are open and attentive but not necessarily as big energy so things don't go off the rails.The group we hired was super talkative, if anything it was harder to get them to stick to a subject than be creative.Getting kids to focus and the sheer volume of spots was my main concern.There’s worse things out there than..." Taccone: "Eternal love." Schaffer: "While we were shooting the video we kept checking out people making sure they knew it’s not a joke." Samberg: "I read a few things with people saying, 'Oh, you guys are kissing for a laugh.' I thought, 'If you thought that the joke of this was guys kissing, than you missed the point.' There’s nothing funny about gay marriage."Andy, one of our favorite moments is when you were at the Spike Awards and you showed up wearing a Now shirt... I was doing press for something and they wanted me to go there, and I was like, 'well, if we’re going…'”Did you guys set out to make fun of the anti-feminists?Schaffer: "I think feminism is a word we didn’t know existed until we left Berkeley. We were raised by (makes air quotes) feminists." Samberg: "I don’t think guys are allowed to be feminists. We can be sympathetic to the cause." Taccone: "We certainly were raised in an environment where equal rights for men and women was not even a thought."Which is interesting because you guys are making jam heavy rap albums.He's one-third of the comedy troupe Lonely Island, out of which he's written, performed in and directed a number of segments for Saturday Night Live.

We shoot four groups of four per day, as the kids get exhausted talking about the same subject for too long--so do Beck and I so the spots usually get weirder by then end of the day.It’s making fun of ourselves, saying (in a geeky voice) 'Yeah! Jorma Taccone is best known for his comedy--whether he's behind the camera, or in front of it.Creativity: When you first saw the idea for the campaign, what were your thoughts on how to approach it? There were no scripts, just questions we made up to get the kids talking.We tried to be as imaginative as possible in order to get weird, natural responses out of kids, which wasn't too hard.

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She’s actually in it.”That dance is a really good dance. Also, what you said is true — pointing out and asking what they’re so afraid of.

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