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(Citation 11: See Guiland, Essai sur Nicephore Gregoras (Paris: P. 455; and Welborn, Calendar Reform in the 13th Century (Chicago: University of Chicago Dissertation, 1935), p. The Julian calendar then in common use was based on an average year of 365.25 days, slightly longer than the mean tropical year of 365.2422 days and the mean vernal equinox year of 365.2424 days.

Since 19 Julian years were taken to be equal to 235 lunar months, the average lunar month in the Julian calendar was 29.530851 days, somewhat longer than the astronomical mean synodic month of 29.530589 days.

Only new sections or sections with extensive edits are shown: § Paschalion The Paschalion of the Orthodox Church is a set of rules for determining the date of Pascha that traditionally has been implemented by calendrical tables combining Metonic lunar cycles with the Julian solar year.

The rules are attributed to the First Ecumenical Council (held at Nicea in 325 A.

(Citation 9: See Agapios and Nicodemus, The Rudder (Pedalion), Masterjohn (tr.) 2006 “Apostolic Canon 7,” p.

115; available at This reading of Blastaris, however, compromises the independence of the Christian Paschalion from the Jewish festal calendar and lends the so-called “Zonaras Proviso” canonical authority.

But these details did not come from the council itself.--BALawrence , June 4, 2008 (UTC) The article as a whole would benefit from clarification and supplementation.

The new calendar was called the Gregorian after its sponsor, Pope Gregory XIII, and Eastern churches was refused to adopt it on the grounds that the new Roman tables sometimes placed Pascha on the day of the vernal full moon, instead of after it as the Nicene principles required. D the Council of Constantinople forbade use of the new calendar and Paschalion, making adherence to the Julian calendar a test of Orthodoxy in territories where Roman Catholic Uniate churches were being established.(Citation 4: For a fuller discussion, see James Campbell, “The Paschalion: An Icon of Time,” St. (Citation 6: The basic system can be found in the “Paschal Canon” of the Alexandrian scholar Anatolius, Bishop of Laodicea, which was composed c. The computational PFM is not, however, as commonly thought, the first full moon following the vernal equinox.Rather, the PFM is the first Ecclesiastical Full Moon (EFM) date that falls on or after March 21 (or, what is the same thing, the first Ecclesiastical Full Moon that follows March 20). One could infer from it that the council itself gave us the detailed formula involving March 20 and the EFM based on the 19-year lunar cycle. These details were hashed out in the two centuries following the council.They constitute how the Church came to operationalize the council's decision that Pascha was to be observed on the Sunday following the full moon on or after the vernal equinox.

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By the 12th century the errors in the Julian calendar's equinoctial date and age of the moon had accumulated to the degree that Pascha did, in fact, always follow Jewish Nisan 15.

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