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A WINDOW database can be structured so that only one representative record for a chromogenic glazing (usually the "lightest" state) is shown in the WINDOW Glass Library List view, and all the states are then displayed in the Glass Library detail view.In order to update the WINDOW Glass Library to have the chromogenic data structured that way, it is necessary to delete the existing single entry chromogenic records, and update a "grouped" set of records from a specially structured WINDOW database.By Jordan Mussett, IMAGINi T Building Solutions If you are not using layer states, you are missing out on the ease of managing your layers in a more global sense.Additionally, layer states can be set up in the files that you are xreffing in to provide more consistency with less work.This layout doesn’t have to have a title block or anything special in it.The viewports in here will be used to create the layer states that will be used in the Sheet File and that is all.

The LBNL International Glazing Database (IGDB) contains several chromogenic layers.

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When the manufacturers submit their data to the IGDB, they submit data for several of the different states of the chromogenic layer.