Updating active cells into vba what i learned from dating 100 men

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Updating active cells into vba

You don't need to filter (copy) the entire range from one sheet to another. The filter criteria is stored in the "Lookup Lists" tab.

let's assume you have a workbook with a Source Worksheet and a Target worksheet.I found an image from It is best practice to reference the worksheet you intend on changing values for.If you have multiple sheets you will have as many “A1” ranges.I've been able to do the advanced filter for each column in the master, but not for specific fields within the master.In the master, I want the List Range only to include columns A, B, H, I, and G (in that order).

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In the Target worksheet, put the letters A, B, H, I, and G, in that order, in cells A1 to E1.

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