Unattractive dating

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Unattractive dating

(That is, which women they send a message to.)Their findings: All people, but especially guys, spend a disproportionate amount of energy searching for, browsing, and messaging our hottest users.

All I want for them is to be happy, and it’s making me so sad to see such wonderful people being constantly rejected and humiliated in the dating scene.I have a long-term, doting partner and we are extremely happy in our relationship.I am part of a female friendship group that would typically be considered very attractive, slim, and fit.After an hour of flirtation, the gorgeous friend was asked for her number, while Holly was left with, “Well, hey, take care.” This sort of thing had been happening since high school.At parties, at lunchtime, in the hallways — always, Holly said, her “gorgeous” friends got all the attention. Holly wasn’t unattractive — but nor was she someone who might consistently turn heads.

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I want to know how I can help these two loving, worthwhile women.

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