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Totally free chat lines for guys

Max and Fang find 99 and Fang is sent to get Polly Dolly to the Chief and help to Max and 99.

Meanwhile, the store's owner, Herr Bunny, attempts to hunt them down in the store and keep KAOS' secret safe.

Once saturation bombing of Arizona is discarded as a plan, Max and 99 mount 'em up and head out to disarm the secret weapon.

Max, disguised as a Papawahsee, infiltrates the camp.

* Director Richard Donner went on to become one of the most successful directors in Hollywood, helming the Superman and Lethal Weapon movies.

This was Donner's first real try at comedy and Leonard Stern delights in ribbing Donner on how he shoot an inordinate amount of film in order to ensure that he had covered himself for any possible editing that had to be done.

Max, Fang and 99 invade the fake scow and defeat Mr. Eight blonde women have been kidnapped from the Cramley Hotel, where blonde Princess Ingrid is staying.

While touring nightclubs, they end up in the clutches of master villain The Craw (Not the Craw, the Craw), brilliantly played by Leonard Strong.

They demand the return of all Indian lands or they will fire their secret weapon on Washington.

Max calls an all-out alert, though we're not sure if it's because of an Indian attack or because he doesn't get three weeks vacation.

By going over the underpass, or it is under the overpass, Max escapes the Claw's metal clutches and winds up having to dance his way to safety. To find the imposter, Max and Fang go undercover as students, while 99 poses as an instructor.

There are three students suspected of being imposters - Dimitri, Grillak, and Zukor.

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