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It was then that the town was given a more cosmopolitan character with modernism being the dominant architectural style and emerged as a city in 1926.The rapid development of Gdynia was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II.The population of the city suffered much heavier losses as most of the inhabitants were evicted and expelled.The locals were either displaced to other regions of occupied Poland or sent to Nazi concentration camps throughout Europe.By 1923 a 550-metre pier, 175 metres (574 feet) of a wooden tide breaker, and a small harbour had been constructed.Ceremonial inauguration of Gdynia as a temporary military port and fishers' shelter took place on 23 April 1923.After the war, Gdynia was settled with the former inhabitants of Warsaw and lost cities such as Lviv and Vilnius in the Eastern Borderlands.The city was gradually regenerating itself with its shipyard being rebuilt and expanded.

By the end of 1930 docks, piers, breakwaters, and many auxiliary and industrial installations were constructed (such as depots, trans-shipment equipment, and a rice processing factory) or started (such as a large cold store).The trans-shipments rose to 8.7 million tons, which was 46% of Polish foreign trade.In 1938 the Gdynia shipyard started to build its first full-sea ship, the Olza. In 1925 a special committee was inaugurated to build the city; city expansion plans were designed and city rights were granted in 1926, and tax privileges were granted for investors in 1927. A new railway station and the Post Office were completed.There are prestigious universities such as the Polish Naval Academy nearby.Gdynia hosts the Gdynia Film Festival, the main Polish film festival, and was the venue for the International Random Film Festival in 2014.

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By the end of 1925, they had built a small seven-metre-deep harbour, the south pier, part of the north pier, a railway, and had ordered the trans-shipment equipment.