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I'm currently single and mulling over past mistakes and I'm wondering what your opinion is on Valentine's Day.Coleman: I know that hearing this from The Dating Doctor may sound strange, but I think that VALENTINE'S DAY SUCKS!Here is the only hope as I see, send him a note that tells him that you still think about him and care about him, but you care about you more.I refuse to be treated in this way, and have washed my hands of him.1 1=1 It takes one whole healthy INDEPENDENT person, plus another who healthy INDEPENDENT person to make a great relationship.

I'd feel more confident if he spoke of me in absolutes: "You're the BEST girlfriend I've had" or "you're THE ONE I've been looking for" or "I've never been in love like I am with you." Not only would this make me feel more secure, but -- gosh, I'd really like to be absolutely worshiped and adored.

The key is to ask your dating partner "open ended questions." These require an answer other than yes or no.

I normally speak to large and small groups of men and women at a time.

He's very confused as to why I want to suddenly have more time to myself.

Coleman: Yes, it is VERY normal and if you two don't back off a bit he may smother you out of this relationship.

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