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The plan was to fold the Germans back from the road that became known universally as “Hell’s Highway” and throw a steel spear across the Rijn (Rhine).

Eindhoven and the bridges at Nijmegen and Arnhem were the keys to that success.

“Quiet as a church” 179 Opheusden – October 5–7, 1944 11.

“Welcome to the meat grinder” 216 The battle of the island – October 1944 12.

As I write this, it occurs to me that we were all members of two separate but inseparable families.My contemporaries have often been referred to as “The Greatest Generation” but I beg to differ …to me the greatest generation was the one that preceded, and produced, us.“Circle of fire” 37 The German invasion and occupation of the Netherlands – May 1940 – September 1944 3. “A city in chains” The liberation of Eindhoven © Osprey Publishing • 7.“All leave cancelled” 66 Prepare for action – September 14, 1944 4. “The burning sky” 132 The bombing of Eindhoven – September 19, 1944 8.

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My parents may have come to America as unschooled immigrants but they brought with them a love for freedom and a work ethic unmatched by any 7  © Osprey Publishing • US FROM DARKNESS generation before or since.

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