Non validating parser xml

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Non validating parser xml

uses the non-validating parser by default, but it can also activate validation.Activating validation allows the application to tell whether the XML document contains the right tags or whether those tags are in the right sequence.option and providing the name of the schema source file to be used.It is important to recognize that the only reason an exception is thrown when a file fails validation is as a result of the error-handling code shown in Setting up Error Handling. public void warning(SAXParse Exception spe) throws SAXException public void error(SAXParse Exception spe) throws SAXException public void fatal Error(SAXParse Exception spe) throws SAXException // ...

For now, think of these attributes as the "magic incantation" you use to validate a simple XML file that does not use them.

If the parser is not compliant with the JAXP spec, and therefore does not support XML Schema, it can throw a , which stands for XML Schema instance.

The second line specifies the schema to use for elements in the document that do not have a namespace prefix, namely for the elements that are typically defined in any simple, uncomplicated XML document.

The XML specification suggests that warnings should be generated as a result of the following: sample program used previously will be used again, except this time it will be run with validation against an XML Schema or a DTD.

The best way to demonstrate the different types of validation is to modify the code of the XML file being parsed, as well as the associated schema and DTDs, to break the processing and get the application to generate exceptions.

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(Even a DTD qualifies as a "schema," although it is the only one that does not use XML syntax to describe schema constraints.) However, "XML Schema" presents us with a terminology challenge.