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Everybody who was nude was apparently comfortable in their own skin; I know I was. I was told by a stranger that I was sexy at 60 and I was not the least bit offended. These days with the advancement of modern technology, modern society has had many many options for better communication and a bunch of other things that can help a person in a lot of different ways.A woman came in and ordered sandwiches and struck up a conversation with us.She found out it was our first time, told us how her and her husband were there with friends, had been there a week.The people were so friendly, and it was a mature crowd, most people looked at least 40, many in their 60's as we were. Sauna, hot tub, exercise room, rec room, weekend dances........had summer residents, spots for large campers, small campers, tents, plus rooms for overnight stays.Even a father and his son--the kid looked to be about 8 or 9. The scenery was beautiful and included a nature trail for walking. Several decks by the pool, filled with lounge chairs.The snack bar was not fancy, more like a diner, but the food was decent, and there were plenty of places outside if one wanted to dress to eat. There were men and women of all sizes there, and the occasional clothed one really looked out of place. We said our goodbyes to new friends, telling them that we would most likely be back. I looked at my friend and told him that it was funny to see him in clothing again. I must say, it was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to do it again.I did surprise myself at how easily I took to the whole idea of being naked, but being nude is not about sex.

How great it felt to have the water on my bare skin! A volleyball game started, so we hung at the deep end.

It was lunch time, so we hit the snack bar for something to eat.

Workers there were also clothed, and we sat by the window, watching the game.

Accepting Your Partner Changing Your Perspective on Naturism Caring for Yourself Community Q&A Nudism, which is also called naturism, is a movement that embraces shedding your clothes during times of recreation.

This might include things like being naked in one’s home or going to naturist vacations.

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If you meet a great person who you start dating and find out that he or she is a nudist, you might have a hard time dealing with it.

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