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Tavare has had well documented circumstances of domestic violence towards women culminating in a string of restraining orders against him in several courts throughout the continental United States and possibly more on the way.

To make matters worst, several women, particularly the elderly, have filed complaints and sought legal action against the actor because of false promises he made to them to ensure that he could swindle money/discretionary income from their pockets until he had bled them dry.

Costume Fitting Esperanza Del Horno and Abigail Mac are on the set of 'LA Hospital,' and Abigail can't contain her excitement.

As Abigail sits in just her bra and panties with a stethoscope around her neck, she excitedly tells Esperanza, who works in the wardrobe department, that she wanted to become an actress just to be on this show!

Yin Yang Twins- Miss New Booty Chingy- Hands Up a couple Beastie Boys drop-ins Get Up N Pump It (In San Francisco) The S. Yin Yang Twins- Miss New Booty Chingy- Hands Up a couple Beastie Boys drop-ins I Wonder Why Elephants Have Trunks? (Original Mix) An electronic piece by a seven-year-old (now eight),stage name DJ French Fry.

On the original, the only instrument is a Micro Korg, completely played--and mixed--by DJ French Fry.

The Native American community as a whole had performed their own investigation about Tavare and there findings were rather explosive.

He's not Native American, there's no record of the family he claims let alone tribe/clan and was exploiting them for personal monetary gain by using fictitious charities to do it.

Esperanza then seduces Abigail, playing up her desire to make it big in LA, stating that she knows the secret to success: going that extra mile!

Esperanza insists that she's good friends with the casting director and could put in a good word for Abigail.

Abigail is ecstatic but uncertain, and Esperanza promises that as long as they get to know and trust each other better, she'll aim to get Abigail a big speaking role.

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