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Freshmen daughter dating senior guy

It’s best to analyze the data yourself or synthesize information from a variety of sources — on both sides — to get as close to the truth as possible.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know much besides your opinions on a topic, it doesn’t make you unintelligent to admit that you’re not well-informed on the subject and would rather refrain from debate.

Overall, just try to be mature and open minded in any argument, and understand that your beliefs aren’t inherently “better” or “worse” than everyone else’s simply because they’re yours.

Whether it’s selection bias or bias within the way the data is communicated, not every fact you read online may be entirely true.Can you imagine if the boy decided for some reason to share the picture with the rest of their school? I would rather violate their trust and read my child's journal and get them help than stand by with my head in the clouds hoping they'll tell me what's bothering them while they're contemplating their suicide.Girls are killing themselves because of photos like these. Too many kids are hurting themselves and others because they're in pain and they need help.Kim wrote a sweet and endearing post about this experience and her relief to find her daughter happy and healthy. I'm not stupid enough to think that I will always know what's happening, there will be secrets they'll manage to keep, but I'm also not stupid enough to think my kids will just tell me everything that's going on in their lives. I can't be lazy or complacent and just think my kids are good kids because they have decent grades and their friends seem OK. Can you imagine getting your son's phone and seeing pictures of a girl being violated by him and his friends?Now, it's known that the Huffington Post has some of the meanest, angriest, trolliest commenters around. Do you think those boys would have taken those pictures if they suspected their parents might see them?

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Thus, when bringing “facts” into a debate, try to do it as ethically as possible.