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The Supreme Court of Austria (Oberster Gerichtshof) held in 1989 that Prostitution was a sittenwidriger Vertrag (Unconscionable contract); therefore, a prostitute had no legal recourse against a customer who refuses to pay (OGH June 28, 1989, 3 Ob 516/89).

This sentence was revised in 2012 (OGH April 18, 2012, 3 Ob 45/12g), explaining that prostitution can no longer generally be considered as unconscionable because moral attitudes have changed and prostitution is regulated by local laws.

Austrian cities do not have red-light districts like the Bahnhofsviertel (Frankfurt am Main), the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, or the De Wallen in Amsterdam; the sex industry is widely distributed over the cities and its presence often goes unnoticed. A similar relation of prostitutes to population number can also be found in other Austrian cities.

For example, in 2008 there were 120 registered prostitutes in Linz, which has approximately 10% of the size of Vienna.

According to police estimates, at least 12,000 more women lived on the proceeds of "free love" without being registered. 243/1989 wurde der § 210 St GB, der bislang die gewerbsmäßige gleichgeschlechtliche Unzucht mit einer Person männlichen Geschlechts unter Strafe stellte, aufgehoben.

Medical examinations are required by the AIDS and STD laws.

Over the Middle Ages there existed an uneasy association between those selling sex (usually women) on the one side, and church and state on the other.

While the practice was frowned on, it thrived, and was tolerated.

The Habsburg Rudolph I of Habsburg (1273-1291) made it an offence to insult these "gelüstigen Frauen" in 1276.

After all they paid their taxes (two pfennigs a week).

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