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A family is aimed to create a good background for the functioning of the whole society.It introduces main moral norms that act in a particular society.General information and theoretical knowledge about family, its kinds, structure and functions allowed me to evaluate my family situation more adequate, to compare it with other types of families and to have an impression, whether my family fulfils all necessary functions.Schwartz and Scott in their book Marriages and Families; Diversity and Change present a modern view on the family today, discuss its controversy and problematic aspect, make an accent on the social changes that have happened and mark out main tendencies in this institution development.If all the members of the family receive protection, food, shelter, clothing, etc, it functions in a normal way. The institution of the family renews the society adding new members.In my own family parents used to provide these things and now, with time, I and my brother have become responsible for it. My grandparents brought my parents to this world, my parents brought me and my brother and we later are going to have our own children. The institution of family fulfills several functions in the society. Family provides the process of socialization and adaptation for children and it can be easily proved on the example of my own family.Despite the fact that my family is nuclear, my parents used to preserve and maintain cultural traditions known from our grandparents and previous generations.We are Christians and it also plays a vital role in the maintenance of family order.

One of the most meaningful functions is the physical stability and care in the family.

However, what is even more important, in families children start realizing that they are meaningful and have their own responsibilities. In my own family, as well as in other Korean families, parents take care about their children till they get married and start their independent life.

For example, my mother and father have always provided me and my brother with everything we needed.

Marriage in today's society should be respected and not neglected.

Many people do not appreciate the fact that they have a good matrimony and should rethink what they are doing outside their marriage.

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It is no ball to have another involved in your private affairs, and the private affair you may be pondering on to have, reassess your thinking process and realize it will not only jeapordize a bond but Ruin your marriage as well.