Danger of dating a schizophrenic datinginboulder com

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Danger of dating a schizophrenic

I became angry and said how could his family have not told me about this and was this fair on me and my partner?

As soon as my partner saw my voice was getting raised and I was nearing the truth he yanked my arm, forced me into his bedroom and closed the door.

He continued till I managed to pull my wrists free.

He grabbed my arms and started to pull me towards him till I was on top of him.

He showed me a gift which he had bought for me a day after my bag got stolen, he had bought me a replacement i Phone after showing me he chucked it on the floor.

Becoming aggressive, he held my wrists with both hands and held them tightly and constantly saying “how did you get stronger than me?

'” he then all of a sudden became emotional and started sobbing.

I knew I had to wake his brother in the next room as I finally realised my partner wasn’t well.

This was the first time i was going to meet his brother who lived with him and to go to his flat.However he was not answering his calls and was responding to my texts in strange way.I had thought maybe someone had stolen his phone and was replying back to me in a childish way.I only found out through a relapse which occurred for him after he decided to stop taking his medication. The week leading upto me finding out about his condition was very stressful and may have triggered his relapse. I became rather upset and angry and shouted at me as he was with me at the time of the incident.He began to behave very strange a few days later and I decided to meet up with him in person at his home to talk things through.

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However upon arrival at the flat his brother was sleeping so I decided not to wake him and talk to my partner.