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If you extrapolate that back 4.5 billion years it yields a rotation of about 13.5 hours rather than the current 24 hours, faster certainly, but well within the realm of possibility.Now please note this is a simple misunderstanding about the significance of the leap seconds leading to a simple mathematical aberration. They contacted fifteen creationist web sites with the objective of simply pointing out the error so they could remove the argument.People are worthy of respect, support, and caring simply because they are human.”I don’t agree with them on everything and in some ways I find them rather naïve but clearly their hearts are in the right place.

They stand for tolerance and mutual respect and say in their statement of beliefs that they believe “In the inherent worth of every person.In 2005 the current day was about 86,400.002 seconds.That’s a gain of something slightly greater than .730 seconds.On one of these called they describe a simple misunderstanding related to the slowing of the earth’s rotation and the need to add “leap seconds” in order to prevent the error from exceeding .9 seconds.The simple misunderstanding was that since leap seconds were added at the rate 0f .7 per year, that the earth was slowing at a rate of .7 seconds per year.

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He wrote that he has many quotes from scientists which suggest that many dating methods are equivocal.

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